• Twin Wall

Oran Pre-Cast’s twin wall system is an innovative product that brings all the advantages of precast concrete to the reinforced wall market. The walls come in a range of thicknesses, varying from 200mm to 400mm. A twin wall panel consists of two number 65mm thick precast concrete leafs, connected together by a steel lattice girder. The central void is then filled with concrete on site.


Our in house design team offer a full wall design service. The panels are manufactured in a state of the art fully automated production unit. Some key parameters are given below. The maximum feasible panel size is determined on a project specific basis taking transport and on-site craneage capacity into consideration.

Maximum Panel Size 3.4m x 11.0m
Panel Thickness 200mm to 430mm
Panel Weight Approx 320 kg/m2
Concrete Grade C40/50