• Lattice Flooring

Omnia Lattice floor is a sister product to our twinwall system. It consists of a single 65mm precast concrete leaf, with a projecting lattice girder. The main bottom floor reinforcement is contained within the precast concrete leaf. The top reinforcement mat is placed on site along with a layer of stitching reinforcement across the joint between slabs, prior to pouring the in-situ concrete.


The manufacturing plant can produce individual slabs up to 3.4m by 12m in size. Transportation and site handling limitations generally dictate the allowable member sizes. The high quality finish provided by the steel moulds allow for the ceilings to be left exposed, if required. The product provides a flexibility in terms of floor shape and ope provision typically not associated with precast concrete construction. A void former system can be utilised to reduce the self weight and concrete volume of the reinforced slab.