• Beams

Oran Pre-Cast manufactures beams in a wide range of profiles. These include rectangular, edge, spine, wing and half-filled beams. Wing beams are generally used to provide small cantilevers along building edges. Half-filled beams that are completed on site, act in conjunction with the surrounding in-situ or lattice floor. Some of these typical profiles are shown in the product gallery below.

Beam widths typically range from 215mm, to match standard block wall construction, to 1m or larger for transfer members. Typically beams weigh between 2.5 and 20 tonnes, but beams of up to 40 tonne have been supplied as required. Curved beams poured in bespoke timber and steel moulds are also available.

Typical precast connection details such half joints, recessed ends and invisible connections can all be readily accommodated in our steel moulds. A standard boot width of 150mm is provided on all edge and spine beams.