• Crosswall

Oran Pre-Cast provides a hybrid crosswall solution using twinwall and flooring products.

This type of structure is best suited to usages where there is a high number of regularly laid out walls. This naturally lends itself to buildings in the residential sector. Due to the large number of walls provided, the floor spans involved are typically short. This usually allows for a relatively shallow floor structure, typically provided using either lattice floor or prestressed solid slab.


The cavity between the two leaves of the twinwall allow for easy placement of the required site tie reinforcement.


The main advantages of this solution are:

  • Fast erection times,

  • Smooth surface finish,

  • Excellent sound and fire resistance characteristics,

  • Preinstalled service fixings,

  • Minimal on-site propping.

This precast solution is typically used in:

  • Hotels,

  • Apartment blocks and

  • Student accommodation