• Flat Slab

Oran Pre-Cast’s flat slab system is a hybrid solution combining the advantages of precast concrete with the flexibility of traditional in-situ reinforced concrete construction. The company pioneered the use of this system in Ireland. Some of the projects completed using this solution are presented in the Gallery below.


A typical hybrid or composite flat slab structure uses both lattice floor and precast column elements. The main bottom reinforcement is provided within the lattice floor elements. The shear reinforcement required at the supports is pre-installed during manufacture. The required top reinforcement is positioned on site. Specially designed lattice girders provide support to the precast floor panel, until the in-situ concrete topping cures.


Voided slab solutions have previously been provided. These reduce the volume of concrete required, and also allow for longer spans to be achieved due to the reduced slab self-weight.


The main advantages of the composite solution are:

  • High quality soffit finish due to the use of steel moulds,

  • Faster erection times,

  • Reduced on site labour, material and craneage requirements,

  • Bespoke or irregular floor layouts and

  • Preinstalled services an option.

This precast solution is typically used in:

  • Hospitals,

  • Research centres and

  • Commercial buildings.